BHM Lebron 11This time he found that the traditional cake with rows of small squares iron repression bump out not only delicious, but also very flexible.Classic posters, hard-line stance, Malone and his partners show AF1 six elements of success: great, durable, beyond, heroic, coherent and pure.
Hyperdunk 2013 ColorwaysWilliam overjoyed, because for a long time, he has been pondering how to improve the elasticity of sports shoes.
Orange KD 6this discovery gave him great inspiration: the practice can be modeled if the scones shoes, put special pressure on the soles of rubber, Flexible shoes will greatly improve it?Professor William is a hothead.
Kobe 8 PlayoffsHe immediately put down the frying pan, hands-start tests.AF1 conquered the earth! With the Force series of products, from AF1 to AF1 II and III, until 180 (94 launched Air Max CB2 then comes from this), they began to more and more rebellious and athletes come together and they are so close.Force swept upward trend reflects the Hip-Hop, and it flooded the mainstream culture's attitude is exactly the same with Barkley.
Tiffany SB DunkHe first rubber processing, which has rows of uneven pressed into the shape of a small box, and then nailed this two rubber soles on his wife.For any experienced difficult life people, Force products implied in the concept can be applied not only to the court, the same can also be brought into life. NIKE Shoes (China) Co., Ltd. Product Development Engineer (Senior Product Engineer) and designers (Product Desinger) Tommy (Tom Li), engaged in new shoes NIKE & NEW BALANCE development and design and for AF series make its own efforts and contributions.